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Values of our Agency

Serve:  Service is a core value of our agency and interpreters.  The agency is there to first and foremost serve our interpreters as our interpreters serve the Deaf and hearing consumers.  This does not necessarily mean volunteer serve, but it means we value others by having a heart to serve on every job.

Commissioning: We are not just sending interpreters to jobs, but every assignment will be prayed for and have a commissioning prayer conference call before the event.  We view every job as a ministry opportunity.

Prayer: Prayer will be an integral part of how we operate.  Each interpreter is encouraged to have some people (3-5 people) that are committed to praying for them.  In addition, any interpreters and/or board members are invited to be a part of our commissioning prayer conference calls. 

Excellence: Everything about Jesus is excellent and we want to reflect Him in every way.  We are His hands and feet and will reflect excellence by being well prepped for every assignment, only accepting jobs that we can do with excellence, excellence in our professionalism, and evaluating the experience from every angle in order to improve our own skills and improving our preparedness.